Monday, April 28, 2008

028--Chow Chocolat--GO THERE NOW!

If you frequent the Elmwood/Bidwell Farmers' market, you've probably run into Jaclyn Wisz selling her incredible baked goods and chocolates. She and husband Scott have now opened a chic new cafe, bakery, and coffee shop called Chow Chocolat on the 700 block of Main Street--one of Buffalo's quickly up-and-coming neighborhoods. The store is beautiful and comfortable--and if you have any kind of sweet tooth, you'll be in heaven. Her chocolates are delicious, inventive (try the passion-fruit truffles), and gorgeous--many hand airbrushed for a detailed look. Everything is also made by hand using real ingredients (no scary chemicals or additives). I had the pleasure of visiting today, opening day, and was amazed at the variety of incredible treats. Definitely a spot to check out! (Oh, and in case you're wondering, the "Chow" in the name is for their pup Pumba, seen above.)

731 Main St
Buffalo, NY 14203
(716) 843-4388

Sunday, April 27, 2008

027-Passover at the Klaimans'

This Friday (April 25) we had the pleasure of joining Randy and Shira Klaiman for their annual Passover celebration. Many in the group, including Ron, had experienced the event in the past, but it was my first time--extremely moving and inspiring. As we all took turns reading from the Haggadah, it was a wonderful chance to think about what the people who came before us (regardless of our faiths) sacrificed and endured to make possible the lives we lead. Not to mention that many people do not enjoy the freedoms and "luxuries" (clean water, food, education) we take for granted. While this is something we should all take a role in eliminating, it's also a good reminder that the upcoming elections should be about more than the price of gasoline and which candidate would be more fun to have a beer with.

026-Humpty Dumpty

On Thursday (April 24) we went down to the Market Arcade Theater to see our friend Phil Knoerzer in "Humpty Dumpty"--a play by Eric Bogosian (who you might recognize from "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"). The play was wonderful, dark and funny. Phil was also terrific, of course. Here's a review from the Buffalo News:

Engrossing... frightening... constantly amusing, owing to Bogosian's rapid-fire script, full of all the quirky humor and undisguised cutting satire that has infused his other work, from Talk Radio and subUrbia to his frenetic solo shows. The writing is addictive and the action moves swiftly ahead under the brisk, effective direction Artistic Director Scott Behrend. LaChuisa is a joy to watch. Phil Knoerzer is wonderfully affable, with perfect comic timing.Lisa Vitrano gives a worthy performance as the alternately annoying and freaked-out Nicole, as do Klein as Max and Bonnie Jean Taylor in the quirky role of Spoon. Three Star Review - Colin Dabkowski - The Buffalo News