Saturday, September 27, 2008

0042--Skiffle Minstrels at Niagara University

On September 26, The Skiffle Minstrels played at Niagara University--a great show that got people up and dancing. Todd was AWOL, so Ben filled in on guitar.

0041--Skiffle Minstrels on WBFO

At the end of August, the Skiffle Minstrels played a concert for the WBFO On the Border Series on the back steps of the history museum. It was a live-to-air broadcast and really well attended. You can listen to the whole thing at or download it for free on iTunes.

0040--Five Years of Skiffle, Two Years of Ron and Michelle

Earlier this month, Phil and June Knoerzer had a bunch of folks over to celebrate the Skiffle Minstrels' fifth anniversary. It was also our wedding anniversary, so it was nice to be back on the very spot where we exchanged vows two years ago. In addition to Phil and June, Chuck, Beth, Alex, Randy, Shira, Lillie, Todd, Michele, Paul, Michelle, and Ben were all in attendance.

0039--Joe and Tanya's Party

On September 16, we took a drive down to West Lake, NY, to a housewarming party for our friends Joe and Tanya Zabinksi--the good folks behind Planet Love t-shirts ( There, we had the pleasure of hearing and meeting national touring band Mike & Ruthy (from the more well known group, The Mammals). Great folks and great music--Ron was even invited to join in on a couple of songs.