Saturday, August 9, 2008

0038--Skiffle Minstrels at CPG

The Skiffle Minstrels are back in business after a summer hiatus. The first gig was at Central Park Grill on August 8--a great show as usual. They even debuted several new original songs wirtten by Paul and Ron over the summer. They now have show scheduled all the way through December!

0037--Partying with Cousin Art

Cousin Art (a.k.a Dave Alessi) had us down to his gorgeous home in South Wales to celebrate his son's graduation from high school. Lots of great food, music (thanks to SKRRAM), and hanging out with friends (like Chuck and Alexander, seen here).

For more photos from the event, go to:

0036--Lisa Forrest at Cafe Allegro

Our friend Lisa Forrest is not only the author of a new book of poetry (To the Eaves; Blazevox Books, 2008), she's also a very talented musician and songwriter. This is something that's new to her, however; she only recently started singing, studying guitar, and transforming her poetry into lyrics.

About a week ago, she had her first official public gig at a nice little coffee shop on Hertel Avenue called Cafe Allegro. She in vited Ron to play along, in addition to a few other friends.

The event was definitely a big success. Her voice is gorgeous and her songs are mesmerizing. We'll be seeing a lot more of her on the Buffalo scene, I'm sure.

0035--Skiffle in the Rain

The Skiffle Minstrels opened for Big Leg Emma (a great band from the Ithaca area) at a housewarming party for our friend Jeff. Jeff lost his house in a fire a year ago, so it was a very celebratory event.

Jeff had constructed a dance floor in the backyard, covered with tarps. As the rain and wind kicked up (and the Skiffle Minstrels finished their very last song--seen the background of this photo) the show structure started to topple and a bunch of guys rushed in to support it while others grabbed lumber and tools to reinforce the roofing. It was a dramatic end to the set for sure.

034--Grassroots Music Festival

Doing a little catching up here, but Grassroots was a great time--despite some intense downpours when we were camped out on the road Wednesday night (in line for the opening of the gates on Thursday at noon). Had lots of good friends stop by the hang out, talk, play music, strategize, mix drinks, complain about the heat, rave about the bands, etc.

The Thursday lineup was particularly incredible this year (and kind of exhausting, since we also had to set up the entire camp that afternoon). Highlights were Eilen Jewell, Rockridge Brothers, Lucinda Williams, Preston Frank--and too many more to name.

I'm posting a lot of photos to Facebook now, so you can check out more of this event using the following two links: