Wednesday, May 21, 2008

030--The World's Finest Purveyor of Juke Joint Swing

On Monday night (May 19), we went to the Sportsmens tavern to check out Wayne "The Train" Hancock--one of our favorites. The shows was incredible; Wayne's the real deal and his band was top notch (the bass player was particularly awe-inspiring). Naturally, Ron took the opportunity to chat up Wayne and give him a tour of the SKRRAM club (six doors down). Those of you who know Ron's proclivities will appreciate the fact that he also managed to steal Wayne's lighter. Carey came along with us to the show, and Lisa Forrest made an appearance--as did the guys from 40 Rod Lightning (a band from Rochester the Skiffle Minstrels have played with a few times).

Sunday, May 4, 2008

030--Hanging Out with Brian and Cody

Brian (Michelle's brother) came up with Cody (our nephew) came up for Brian to install our new flat screen television--which is reallllly cool. Cody got bored with the whole process, though, so Michelle ended up taking him to the park for a while. They also did a couple of cool paintings and decorated his new T-ball helmet with flames, so he can terrify the competition.

029--Dos de Mayo Party

Had a bunch of friends and family over for our second annual Cinco de Mayo party--a few days early, thus "Dos de Mayo." Lots of good food and Ron's incredible margaritas were enjoyed by all (especially when he made them while wearing a sombrero). Rain hit early in the evening, but we were able to keep a bonfire going to enjoy later in the evening. The night concluded with espresso and a little live music by Ron, Ben, Joe, Patsy, and Michelle. In attendance: Tom and Maggie, Carey, Joe and Patsy, Rick and Diana, Kathy, Brian and Margaret, Mary and Mark, Cousin Art, Roberta (who brought flan--yum!), Barbara, Randy and Shira, Chuck and Beth (with new baby Alexander), Dan, Drummer Joe, Nicole, Ben, Stevo, and probably and bunch more folks that I'm forgetting off the top of my head. (Mr. Columbo also dressed to impress his guests, as seen above.)