Saturday, August 9, 2008

0036--Lisa Forrest at Cafe Allegro

Our friend Lisa Forrest is not only the author of a new book of poetry (To the Eaves; Blazevox Books, 2008), she's also a very talented musician and songwriter. This is something that's new to her, however; she only recently started singing, studying guitar, and transforming her poetry into lyrics.

About a week ago, she had her first official public gig at a nice little coffee shop on Hertel Avenue called Cafe Allegro. She in vited Ron to play along, in addition to a few other friends.

The event was definitely a big success. Her voice is gorgeous and her songs are mesmerizing. We'll be seeing a lot more of her on the Buffalo scene, I'm sure.

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Lisa said...

I love you!! Thank you again for your sweet friendship and support. : )