Friday, April 3, 2009

0057--Ashland, Ohio

En route to Lafayette, LA, we're stopping for the night in Ashland, OH, where all of the hotels are full of Amish people. We literally got the last room at the last hotel we could find (it turned out to be a jacuzzi suite, though, so no complaints).

In addition to pies and quilts, the Amish apparently also like romance novels, as we learned in huge ads for "A Cousin's Promise." I'm not sure what the promise is. From the cover art, it doesn't look like it's legal in most states.

Tomorrow we're on to Bowling Green, KY--hoping to stop and catch a tour at Mammoth Caves National Park.


rrs said...

Your comment on this book made me laugh, and so I had to look up a plot synopsis:

What I think is kinda funny is that the Amazon site will let you read the book on a kindle... get it? Kindle? Amish?

rrs said...

oops here's the Amazon site:

Lisa said...

Have a great (safe) trip! Ronnie-- Shady Grove is missing you at our Friday gig!! You better be listening to some good music. : )