Wednesday, April 8, 2009

0077--Avery Island

Visited Avery Island (the salt island where Tabasco Sauce is made) today. Skipped the Tabasco factory tour this year, but went to see the Jungle Gardens. Below is the long and short from their web site. (Edmund McIlhenny is the guy who invented Tabasco--if you look carefully, his name is still on every bottle.)

"When Edmund McIlhenny's son created the Jungle Gardens he added another ingredient to Avery Island, one that gardeners and nature lovers enjoy as much as the gourmets who relish the zesty taste that a few sprinkles of Tabasco sauce adds to the dishes before them.

"Ned traveled the world gathering greenery from every continent for the exotic garden he created on a 200-acre section of Avery Island. White-tailed deer, alligators, and thousands of herons are among the wildlife you may see in the Jungle gardens. The herons are descendants of seven young snowy egrets that Ned McIlhenny captured in 1892 and raised in flight cages built over a lagoon. The birds were on the brink of extinction because their plumes were popular decorations for ladies' hats. The egrets fly to South America in the winter and return to their Avery Island home every year."

This is mating season for the egrets, so we were able to see literally THOUSANDS of them.

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