Saturday, April 4, 2009

0063--Bill Monroe Birthplace

This didn't show up on any maps, but Ron spotted a little sign for the birthplace of Bill Monroe--so we HAD to go check it out. After all, he's the only person ever to be inducted into the Bluegrass, Country, AND Rock and Roll Halls of Fame.

It's in a tiny, tiny, town (TINY!) called Rosine. The Barn Jamboree was a hall where Monroe played on many occasions. 

On the way back to the highway, we were listening to Conor Oberst's song "Sausalito," which contains a line about "highway shrines where pilgrims disappear." Couldn't help but think about this humble tribute to old Bill Monroe . . . and his impact on virtually every kind of music that followed.

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rrs said...

Interesting. I my dissertation, I call a section of the city of Beaumont, Rozene.