Saturday, April 11, 2009

0090--Fred's in Mamou

Is that daylight coming through the curtains? Yep, because it's breakfast at Fred's Tavern in Mamou . . . where the music--and dancing--starts at 9:00AM on Saturday. You can enjoy whatever cocktail you'd want to drink at that hour (we went the Bloody Mary route) and jostle for a place on the packed dance floor. (This video was taken at 9 sharp but, trust me, twenty minutes later it was shoulder to shoulder and you couldn't even see the band.)

Hosting the event is Tante Sue de Mamou, a 70-something firecracker who walks around with a bottle of cinnamon schnapps in a holster (she'll eagerly share it with you), and forbids kissing or cussing in the place ("it's a family establishment"). Tante Sue also advises you to keep your feet on the floor while dancing (no standing on the bar or jukebox) and to leave your food and beer on the table, because otherwise she'll have to mop up.

The place is insane. At 9:00AM. Only in Louisiana . . . which is why we love it!

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