Saturday, April 4, 2009

0063--Licoln's First Home

Abraham Lincoln was born nearby in Nolin, KY, but this was the first home he said he remembered living at. As a child, he was reputedly rescued from drowning by a neighbor boy. The creek he nearly drowned in: Knob Creek, namesake to a brand of bourbon in which many people I know have also nearly drowned. (Sub sole nihil novi est, huh?)


rrs said...

WOW! You look at that and then you think "How did we, as Americans, get to the point that covet the 4,000 sq ft pre-fab house?" (present party and all true Buffalonians excluded).

Michelle Perkins Kowalewski said...

My thoughts exactly. There's something telling in the fact that now we go on expensive "retreats" to relax and stimulate our creativity--in environments just like this. Maybe if we lived more simply all the time we'd be more inventive, productive, and wise all the time, too.