Monday, April 6, 2009

0071--Margaret's Grocery and Market

On old Route 61 in Vicksurg, MS, we stopped at Margaret's Grocery and Market. It's clearly defunct now (and, sadly, not being maintained), but here's what the posted signs said:

"Margaret's Grocery and Market, The Home of the Double Headed Eagle [???] is owned by Margaret Rogers Dennis and her husband Reverend H. D. Dennis, who is responsible for the architectural look of the place. Dennis was born in 1916 in Rolling Fork, MS, and married the widow Rogers, his fifth wife, it 1979. Most of his structural additions to the store are built of cinder blocks and painted red and white. The interior of the market/church is decorated with elaborate candelabras and chalices as well as conventional shelves for groceries. Reverend Dennis also owns a church bus, outfitted with a pulpit and pews." (This bus is also on site and similarly decorated.)

The picture here includes less than half of the total expanse of the complex, which extends far out beyond the actual building itself.

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