Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I ate dinner at the cabin, but Ron saved room for crawfish etouffee at Mulates. Crawfish are in season right now and Ron says the flavor difference is remarkable. He never really loved them until this visit.

Should make it all the more fun (well, for him, I guess) to go to the Crawfish Fais Do Do in Henderson this weekend--to see one of our favorites, Leroy Thomas!

Anyway, saw Jay Cormier at Mulates and did some dancing. I tried a "Cajun Punch" . . . which is some kind of delicious cocktail I'm not sure I could describe.


pinky said...

Did you see Corey Ledet??? I have a live Red Sticks recording with him sitting in with them. Wait a minute--did I give it to Ron?

Michelle Perkins Kowalewski said...

Corey Ledet is tonight, I think! We've seen him a couple of times, but the first time was at Grassroots with the Ramblers--we'd never heard of him, and suddenly there was this teenager ROCKING out with them. Really looking forward to the show!