Saturday, April 11, 2009

0088--Wedding Crashers

When we arrived back at our cabin from the Pecan Island trip, there was a big event underway in the large courtyard area the cabins surround. It turned out to be a rehearsal dinner.

We were about to skirt around it when Rocky Sonnier, who owns the cabins and the Cajun food/catering business run out of the main house, started yelling, "Buffalo! Buff-a-lo!!" He insisted we join the party and fill up plates from the kitchen (shrimp etouffee, tossed salad, potato salad, fresh bread--quite a spread).

There was also a live band starting, playing Cajun/Zydeco/Blues stuff--really good. We hung out for quite a while--but we also had our own agenda for the evening, so we cut out at about 9:30.

As a side note, though, Rocky said that one of the members of the band was the grandson of Amede Breaux, who wrote "Jolie Blon," the song that has become sort of the Cajun national anthem. I'm not sure it's true, but one of Breaux's grandsons is the accordionist for Beau Soleil, and his bio says he has musician siblings. And, to be fair, Rocky does seem to know everything and everyone involved in Cajun music.

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